The Nubian /Anglo-Nubian breed was developed by crossing Egyptian Zairaibi and Indian Jamnapari or Jamunapari bucks with English dairy goats. Under the latter name, only those ones are registered in the flock-book, which are from the original British bloodline. Their outward appearance is characterised mainly by their long legs, large body, wide pendulous lop-ears and convex nasal bone. Their hair is short, the predominance of reddish brown or black is typical of their colouring, however the most varied combinations of colours may occur. They may either be horned or polled. Their age at first mating is 10 to 12 months. Friendly behaviour and well-balancedness are characteristic of them. Due to their high environmental and feeding needs, this breed is recommended to be kept mostly with intensive technology or as a hobby animal. Under good conditions their milk yield can be 1000-1200 kg over a lactation period of 300 days, with a fat content of 4.8% and protein content of 3.8%.