Under this name the native goat breed developed in the Carpathian Basin, partly bearing the outward stamps of goats came to Hungary during the period of the great migrations are mentioned. The standardization of the breed’s outward appearance is still under way. The dominant feature is that the hair length of the adult animals shall be at least 10 cm, which covers the entire body (with curly locks) and the body part behind the arch of the ribs (rough-legged). This feature shall be inheritable to their descendants. With the exception of brown body with dark back strap, they may have any colour variation and any colour combination. They may either be horned or polled. The horned males have outward-curved horns Their age at first mating is 7 to 12 months. Some she-goats may be capable of significant milk production, however the primary goal is not to achieve a high milk yield, but the gene conservation, to maintain their sturdy constitution and high resistance.