This breed developed in Russia, being fine in stature and yet having robustious and sturdy constitution got the name Romanov from the town of the same name in the Upper Volga region. Their body is covered by mixed fur coat composed of glossy black, straight or rarely wavy guard hairs of primary origin and wavy or curly, silvery white down hairs of secondary origin being about twice as long as the former. On their head and legs and at the end of their tail there are spots in various sizes. The rams and rarely also the ewes have long-stapled, black, mane-like hair formation on their clod till the withers, on the edge of their tail and occasionally in their cingulum region. The Romanov lambs are usually pure black when they are born, with white markings on their head and at the end of their tail. The have remarkable prolificacy. Twin and triple lambing is regular. Four lambs in a litter are common. Moreover they can be lambed twice a year.