It is an extensive breed bred in Transylvania, first of all in the counties of Kovászna (Covasna) and Hargita (Harghita), however it can be found also in Hungary, in the vicinity of Kecskemét. It belongs to the group of Tsigai sheep breeds. The so-called ‘bald-bellied’ (bare-bellied) variation is a separate type. The prolificacy of the breed ranges from 1.2 to 1.4, and their milk yield in a lactation is between 80 and 150 kg. Mature weights for ewes range from 55 to 70 kg, and ram weights vary from 80 to 100 kg. The wool clip of rams and ewes is 4-5 kg and 3-4 kg respectively, with a staple length of  8 to 10 cm. The fineness of fleece is 28 to 36 microns.